Image The porous irrigation jars are ready for use at the Moraines Garden !

At the nature festival in late May, volunteers guided by artist Mathilde Chenin from Atelier Bermuda created porous irrigation jars at the Moraines Garden. After being shaped from clay, the jars have just been fired and are now ready for use!

This ancient method allows for more efficient irrigation and reduces evaporation, offering better management of urban gardens. The jars slowly and directly deliver water to the plant roots, minimizing waste and maximizing irrigation efficiency.

These jars ...
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Image Rainwater Harvesting: A Sustainable Solution to Global Water Crises

In the context of escalating global extreme weather events and the increasing prevalence of heatwaves, the importance of sustainable water management practices such as rainwater harvesting has become more pronounced. This article will delve into the potential of rainwater harvesting as a mitigating strategy for these climatic challenges, explore the innovative concept of sponge cities, and underscore the importance of advocating for rainwater harvesting.

The Escalation of Global Extreme Weathe...

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At Bains des Paquis in Geneva, Global Water Dances - Geneva offered a participatory dance workshop in collaboration with IRHA as part of the PluiË_Promoting Rainwater Playfully and Innovatively project. This initiative brilliantly combined participatory dance with raising awareness around a strong environmental message on rainwater management, dear to IRHA. The performance began with an emotive duet set to music specially composed for this rain dance.

The interaction with the audience was a m...

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Comment l'eau de pluie peut-elle être un levier de développement dans la quête de résilience face aux changements climatiques ? Comment peut-elle être gérée efficacement de manière simple à travers les projets de développement de la PSA ?

Dans le cadre des café-débat de la FGC, l’IRHA a proposé en mai 2024 des discussions pour sensibiliser aux avantages de la gestion de l'eau de pluie. Cet événement a mis en lumière comment cette ressource naturelle peut constituer une répon...

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Rainwater was at the heart of a knowledge-sharing workshop organized by the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) in partnership with the Senegalese Rainwater Harvesting Association (ASGEP). From April 15 to 16, 2024, in Djilor Djidiack, Senegal, this event brought together committed minds, including members from 14 Senegalese NGOs: Agrosol, ASPSP, Caritas Kaolack, Djigui Sembe, FADDO, Ferme des 4 Chemins, Gret, Fédération Kajoor Jankeen, Keur Yakaar, Kuu Tinaa, Océanium Dakar...

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On Saturday, April 27th at 4 pm, the vernissage of Tags de PluiË took place on the Pont de la Machine in the heart of Geneva!

Tag Creation Process

We aimed to create the tag phrases in a participatory and collaborative manner. To achieve this, we organized three activities titled "Paroles de Pluie," aimed at exploring the connection between words and rainwater, emotions, and art (see our previous blog).

Subsequently, we applied these phrases onto the ground using a hydrophobic, biological, and ...

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Go out and search for our rain tags pluiË in the area of Geneva !

Plan des tags

Once you found them, take a photo, post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag us! Enjoy!!!



Instagram : IRHA_H2o

Facebook : IRHA_H2o

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PluiË Programme in Geneva

by Dunand Marion | 26 March 2024

We are extremely proud to present to you the program of activities for our project PluiË - Promouvoir de manière LUdique et Innovante l’Eau de Pluie.

You will discover a variety of creative and artistic activities, such as participatory dance workshops aimed at appropriating and valorizing rainwater through movement, in collaboration with the Global Water Dances - Geneva.

Also on the agenda are rain walks offered by IRHA in various locations in Geneva, such as Parc Bertrand or the Berge de ...

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The opening of our exhibition "Hors Sec" at Espace Enchanté took place last Saturday, in commemoration of World Water Day. Approximately 50 people took part in various highlights of the afternoon.

IRHA presented a photo exhibition consisting of 9 shots and testimonials from different continents, showcasing rainwater as a free and universal resource, usable in everyday life.

A playful expression space around a large cloud was also offered by IRHA, where everyone could share their memories relat...

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Nestled within the bustling urban landscape of Medellín, Colombia, a transformative initiative is quietly taking root – the Green Corridors project. These verdant pathways represent a concerted effort by the city to promote sustainability, resilience, and community well-being. At the heart of this endeavor lies the strategic integration of rainwater harvesting systems, a crucial element in nurturing these green havens and mitigating environmental challenges.

Medellín's Green Corrid...

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In a context where water is becoming a growing global concern, IRHA's PluiË_Promouvoir de manière Lundique et Innovante l'Eau de pluie project is raising awareness of the need to change perceptions of the rainwater resource. The project's "Paroles de Pluie" activity features a creative, participatory approach to exploring the link between art, words and rainwater.

The activity took place in three distinct stages, each offering a unique dimension for expressing and understanding the resource ...
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The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of the PluiË project, an innovative initiative aimed at raising awareness and engaging the public of Greater Geneva in the crucial importance of Rainwater Management (RWM).

Aim of the project

"PluiË - Promouvoir de manière LUdique et Innovante l'Eau de pluie" aims to break the rules, deconstruct prejudices and put forward a rethought approach to rainwater. Over a period of 1 year, the aim is to raise awareness ...

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On the road to Alternatiba 2023 !

by Sima Haïrapetian | 28 August 2023

Once again this year, IRHA will be present at the 9th edition of the Alternatiba Léman festival, to be held in Geneva's Parc des Bastions. The festival kicked off on Monday August 28, with 5 days of conferences, roundtables and workshops at various venues around the city.

Alternatiba Léman is first and foremost a citizens' movement that highlights the many citizen initiatives that aim to raise public awareness of the climate emergency. Thus, every year since 2015, these actors have had the o...

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IRHA was at Novatech 2023 !

by Sima Haïrapetian | 28 July 2023

IRHA was proud to take part in the 11th Novatech international conference, held at ISARA in Lyon from 3 to 7 July 2023. It was an opportunity for our team to meet experts from all over the world who are committed to promoting integrated and sustainable stormwater management in urban environments.

The conference was organised around 4 main themes: rainwater and techniques, rainwater and development, rainwater and impacts, rainwater and impacts, and rainwater and society.

We were able to attend v...

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Rain in the city

by Florian Bielser | 28 June 2022

For the years to come, the problem of better stormwater management in urban areas is a real challenge for the development of cities that are expanding due to a growing rural exodus. While developed countries are beginning to implement "at source" management policies, countries in the South are lagging behind in these so-called alternative practices.

These practices not only allow for better management of flooding risks during intense rainfall events, but also allow for the reintroduction of na...

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