The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA)

Rainwater harvesting: an effective and sustainable solution in the face of water shortages and floods, supporting ecosystems and communities.



The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) is a Swiss based NGO, established in Geneva in 2002. Our association's mandate is to promote rainwater harvesting as an effective and sustainable solution in the face of water shortages, and to increase human communities resilience to the risk of natural hazards, including floods and droughts.


Ficamazionia festival

This Friday July 24 at 3:00 pm we will have in # Conectad @ s Rubén Arturo Velásquez Alvarado Mayor of the Municipality of Leguízamo, Putumayo Francisco Hernández Cayetano President of the Federation of native communities Tikunas and Yaguas - Peru.

Moderated by: Margarita Pacheco Environmental communicator . We wait for you! #ConnectLife



Festival Ficamazonia

Friday June 26 at 3:00 pm we had the chance to exchange with Jani Silva President of the Association of sustainable integral development Perla Amazónica "ADISPA" Perla Amazónica peasant reserve area and Norberto Villalobos Vice President AMCOP peasant reserve area Pato river basin and Balsillas valley

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IRHA join the Geneva Federation of cooperation

We are proud to join the Fédération Genevoise de Coopération. Today is an important step in the development of our association and the development of new initiatives in the field of rainwater management.

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Online Course _Water Harvesting & Micro-climate Management

IRHA supported Sony Pun (Nepal) and Blandine Barthod (France) in applying to participate in the 2020 online course, Rainwater and microclimates management, run by the Water Harvesting Lab (University of Florence).

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Alternatiba Festival 2019 at the Parc des Bastions!: (14 Sept., Geneva, Switzerland)

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Caux Dialogue on Land and Security 2019. 'Landscapes, People and Ecosystems' (27-29 Jun., Caux, Switzerland)

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Novatech Conference. 'Water in the City' (1-5 July 2019, Lyon, France)

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4th World Agroforestry Congress (20-22 May 2019, Montpellier, France)

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'Rain Water Harvesting, livelihood and Ecosystems' (28 July 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal)



'Water Security through Rain water harvesting' (27-29 Nov. 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka)

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