Promouvoir de manière LUdique et Innovante l'Eau de pluie

Against a backdrop of increasing pressure on water supplies, access to this drinkable resource for everyone, everywhere, represents a major challenge for our societies.

Yet people and politicians have tended to lose interest in rainwater. Drought, floods, heatwaves, even Switzerland - "Europe's water tower" - is thirsty.

It's time to break down the taboos, to [re]question our management of natural resources and in particular the management of rainwater, by involving local people in co-producing the territory of tomorrow, the spaces for living together and thus enabling full appropriation of this resource at all scales (house, plot, town, etc.).


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2023-2024: 12 months

Deconstructing prejudice !

IRHA is convinced that the practice of rainwater harvesting can only be spread if people are aware of it, which is why we have developed the "PluiË" project. The aim of the 'PluiË - Promoting rainwater in a fun and innovative way' project is to break the rules, deconstruct prejudices and propose a new way of talking about rainwater.

Through this project, the IRHA hopes that civil society will take up water issues and become aware of the opportunities that rainwater can offer.

The aim of the project is to provide tools and resources for the public in Greater Geneva and members of the Alliance so that they can question their perception of rainwater, accept it as a resource and appropriate this solution to meet their needs.

The "PluiË" project therefore responds to a need to raise awareness of the resource in order to turn each of the target audiences into enlightened citizens, by making them aware of their environment so that they subsequently become agents of change with the will to implement concrete, local and sustainable solutions.


Connecting North and South

The entire project is based on a resonant dialogue between the South and the North. The aim is to show that the problem of rainwater is a global issue that affects both the North and the South. The project also highlights the resilience activities that provide a response to the the rainwater problem, whether in Geneva or in the South. IRHA is deeply convinced that local initiatives are the key to change, and intends to draw on this for this project.

A growing awareness of the usefulness of rainwater management will lead to significant gains in resilience and the local population's ability to adapt to climate hazards (ODD13.1-13.3) towards improved water and sanitation management.


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