After the Rain: Between participatory dance and unveiling of rain tags

by Dunand Marion | 26 June 2024
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Image After the Rain: Between participatory dance and unveiling of rain tags

At Bains des Paquis in Geneva, Global Water Dances - Geneva offered a participatory dance workshop in collaboration with IRHA as part of the PluiË_Promoting Rainwater Playfully and Innovatively project. This initiative brilliantly combined participatory dance with raising awareness around a strong environmental message on rainwater management, dear to IRHA. The performance began with an emotive duet set to music specially composed for this rain dance.

The interaction with the audience was a memorable moment, with four members of the audience joining the dancers on stage. The event sparked palpable enthusiasm among spectators, marked by warm applause and lively discussions following the performance. These exchanges deepened reflection on the environmental challenges related to rainwater management, underscoring the importance of creative and collective solutions.

By highlighting these critical themes through art and collective action, Global Water Dances - Geneva once again demonstrated its unifying and inspiring role in raising awareness for environmental preservation. This event serves as a concrete example of how art can be a powerful catalyst for social and environmental change.

catégories : #programme4, suisse

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