To help people become aware citizens, to make them aware of their environment so that they become actors of change by being able to implement concrete and sustainable solutions in their city or neighbourhood.


City of Geneva, GIAP, Child Dept., Infras Dept.


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Projects in Switzerland



IRHA has increasingly seen the need to [re]think water management by leveraging this resource, its expertise and its network to strengthen the FGC's MOs in promoting different local and contextualized solutions.

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PluiE - Promoting rainwater in a fun and innovative way

Against a backdrop of increasing pressure on water supplies, access to this drinkable resource for everyone, everywhere, represents a major challenge for our societies.

As such, rainwater is a freely available resource that can play a vital role, with little environmental impact, in fulfilling this human right.

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Workshops Rain in the City

To enable children to become active citizens; to become aware of their environment; and to be able to implement concrete and sustainable solutions in their city.

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In the rain ink /Poetry Rain

No more depressing long rainy days, the IRHA puts the rain back in the spotlight by making poems appear in the city (on rainy days).

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My little Geneva

My street, my neighbourhood, change starts at my door. My little Geneva aims to help young people become aware of their environment and be able to implement concrete and sustainable solutions in their city.

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News - Switzerland

Image The porous irrigation jars are ready for use at the Moraines Garden !
22 July 2024
by Marion D

At the nature festival in late May, volunteers guided by artist Mathilde Chenin from Atelier Bermuda created porous irrigation jars at the Moraines...

Image After the Rain: Between participatory dance and unveiling of rain tags
26 June 2024
by Dunand Marion

At Bains des Paquis in Geneva, Global Water Dances - Geneva offered a participatory dance workshop in collaboration with IRHA as part of the PluiË...

Image The knowledge-sharing workshop in Senegal is bearing fruit !
25 June 2024
by Marion Dunand

Following the knowledge-sharing workshop organized by IRHA in April 2024, aimed at raising awareness among FGC partner NGOs about rainwater managem...



"A great initiative happening in Geneva: Pluie de Poésie where 8 poems found in different parts of Geneva that appear when the pavement is wet (by rainwater or water poured on it).

Geneva Families Diaries, Credits @IRHA, 2017


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