Programme 4

Urban Rainwater

Coping with stormwater, flash floods or creating islands of coolness, rainwater management in the city has emerged in recent years as a nature-based solution (NbS) that cannot be ignored in managing a sustainable city.


Workshops "Rain in the City"

Source: Venelle du quartier des Vergers à Meyrin (GE). (©Etat de Genève, Théo Gardiol)


Friends of Ecosystem Based Adaptation FEBA - Urban Eba Working group

The world's urban population will grow from 3.9 billion to 6.3 billion by 2050. (UNESCO, 2012). Faced with the consequences of climate change (pollution, heat waves), the reintroduction of water in cities favours the creation of cool islands and the development of local, effective solutions for sustainable and resilient cities.

The challenge of bringing rainwater back to the city

Stormwater management is everyone's responsibility and must be addressed from the building scale to the watershed. Alternative solutions to "all-pipes" exist, more integrated strategies are recognised; they often constitute effective and sustainable solutions. Although the techniques are relatively simple, important research is being carried out, particularly on phenomena and strategies.

Moreover, awareness and information are essential to move towards a common culture of water management, shared by decision-makers and technicians, urban planners, landscape architects and water management professionals.

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News - Urban Rainwater

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