Emergency Rain

The Emergency Rain project was developed in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal to support reconstruction efforts and to address the needs of the population in terms of access to water and hygiene.



Canton et République de Genève, Ville de Genève

3'689 directs

Total cost
96'000 CHF

2015-2017 (8 month)

Hutaram Environment Award (ENPHO)


Following the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, IRHA developed the "Emergency Rain" project with the assistance of its local partner Guthi. This project aimed to support reconstruction efforts in the city of Bhaktapur, a municipality near Kathmandu with the provision of water storage and treatment systems.


A mobilised community

In 2015, thanks to the strong mobilisation of volunteer families, a 100,000 litre underground tank was built in the Liwali camp. The original plan was for a 25,000 litre tank, but all stakeholders saw the added value and the volume was increased fourfold (4) to provide safe access to sufficient, quality drinking water. Since the construction of the reservoir, water is available at the camps' doorstep and the burden of collecting water has decreased. One resident told us that because of her old age she could no longer fetch water, so her daughter-in-law had to walk far to collect it. Now, with the construction of the reservoir, her daughter-in-law can work, and she has no more stress about water.

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Forming a "RAINsilient Generation"

Young people from Viswa Niketan and Jana Prabhat schools were made aware of the risks of contamination, as well as those of natural disasters (floods, monsoons, etc.). They were also provided with tools to implement sustainable solutions (collection, recharging, reuse, etc.). The two schools also obtained the "Blue Schools" label and joined the network of 56 other "Blue Schools" in the world.

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Success of women's micro-enterprises

We supported the development of a micro-enterprise set up by the women of Liwali camp to produce liquid soap. A real success! After canvassing various competent authorities, the micro-business was officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Five years after the implementation of this micro-business, the company is able to sell 1000 litres of liquid soap every month. The business allows the employees to generate a small surplus to cover the school fees of their children. Thanks to this business, the family of one of the employees was also able to rebuild their house and leave the displacement camp.

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"Emergency Rain" Newsletters

Testimonials, achievements, latest news... Find the different Newsletters of the Emergency Rain project: This project was supported by the City and the Canton of Geneva.




We are very happy to have built this reservoir with the whole community, it will greatly ease our daily life.

Beneficiary of the Emergency Rain project. Credits@Guthi, 2017.


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