Rainwater management and agroforestery

The projects "rain, forest and people" and "out of earth and rain" aim to strengthen the resilience communities through better management of water resources, trees and soil.


An increasing degradation of soils

The massive deforestation currently taking place in Senegal has resulted in soil impoverishment, a decline in crop production and in farmers' incomes, which ultimately leads to the pauperization of rural communities. To this observable situation must be added the invisible, the reduction and salinization of groundwater in the region. Unclean water causes the sterilization of agricultural land, forcing peasants to leave their land and move to the outskirts of the cities.

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Improving ecosystem services

Through a combined intervention in rainwater resource management, reintroduction of agroforestry islands, and community capacity building, we are able to stop this vicious circle. The establishment of agroforestry parcels quickly rectifies the situation by providing various ecosystem services to improve the level of household nutrition (re-fertilization of land, provision of wood and fodder for energy orlivestock, plant cover and vegetable production). These agroforestry islands also enhance rainwater harvesting during winter periods, avoiding runoff and loss of arable land.

This ecosystem approach to the problems of Senegalese farmers will promote a multifaceted rebalancing of production conditions and will be accompanied by a rapid and sustainable improvement in the nutrition and living conditions of all the beneficiary communities.


Our interventions

Component 1: Rainwater management and cisterns Calabash
Component 2: Farmer agroforestry
Component 3: Territorial diagnosis
Component 4: Anti-erosion strips
Component 5: Trainings
Component 6: Participatory Mapping


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