The knowledge-sharing workshop in Senegal is bearing fruit !

by Marion Dunand | 25 June 2024
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Image The knowledge-sharing workshop in Senegal is bearing fruit !

Following the knowledge-sharing workshop organized by IRHA in April 2024, aimed at raising awareness among FGC partner NGOs about rainwater management, Emile Badji, director of the Keur Yaakar hotel complex and partner of Tereo, decided to invest in a rainwater management solution to address the recurring potable water shortages at the site.

To enhance the supply of potable water to the rooms, he decided to install a water tarp, a well-shaped cistern capable of storing a significant amount of rainwater. This cistern will be strategically placed to maximize water collection, thus providing a reserve of potable water in case of shortages. Additionally, Emile Badji plans to connect this cistern to a gutter attached to the zinc laundry room nearby to effectively capture rainwater. This gutter will direct water to the cistern, ensuring optimal filling and efficient use of the collected water.

This infrastructure project is a proactive approach aimed not only at securing the potable water supply for the hotel's guests but also at promoting sustainable water management by utilizing renewable natural resources. Emile Badji's initiative exemplifies a concrete commitment and resilience in the face of local water challenges.

Congratulations on this initiative, which will contribute to more rational management of this precious resource !

catégories : senegal, suisse, programme5

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