Here we go with Blue School#11 in Tobang (Nepal)

by Sylvestre, May 22 | 8 April 2022
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Image Here we go with Blue School#11 in Tobang (Nepal)

Let's go for Blue School#11! (Tobang, Nepal). The Kanchan Nepal team met with the local authorities and the school of Janapriya to launch the project.

This initiative will help in enabling an environment where pupils can be safe and study. We will rehabilitate toilets, build 2 cisterns to collect rainwater and store it, build a roof serving as a catchment area as well as hand washing stations.

This initiative is supported by the Hirzel Foundation and the Services Industriels de Terre Sainte et Environs SITSE.

The Blue Schools programme, developed by the IRHA, has been successfully tested since 2005 in more than 64 schools and 14 countries. This concept goes beyond the strict WASH concept, by proposing an integrated environmental education and awareness programme, in order to sustainably improve health and education conditions in schools. The success of the project has motivated other actors (NGOs, donors) to replicate the concept worldwide.

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catégories : nepal, programme1

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