The solution runs off ... then evaporates

6 April 2022
Image The solution runs off ... then evaporates

Can you see anything? We do...

Within the framework of the project "the forest of the sea", the IRHA, APAF Sn and Océanium Dakar intend to rehabilitate several lowland areas in the region of Fatick in order to restore the balance

The lowland areas are most often neglected, deforested but represent low points where rainwater accumulates. These areas are used by livestock and wildlife and allow infiltration and recharge of groundwater.

The problem in the Sahelian zones is above all the strong evaporation.

Following a precise technical scheme developed between partners and approved by the authorities, we will 1) replant trees to stabilize the soil and reduce evaporation, 2) re-create stone barriers to optimize runoff, 3) build infrastructure to meet the various uses.

We estimate that we will be able to increase the amount of surface water in the area by +2 months.
More water means:

  • + biodiversity;
  • + freshness;
  • a soil that is structured
  • + more trees and more shade
  • and a whole ecosystem chain is transformed.
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