Keur Maba Diakhou Ba: Bringing Earth, Rain and People together.

by Marine Protte-Rieg | 19 July 2020
catégories : senegal, programme1, programme2

Image Keur Maba Diakhou Ba: Bringing Earth, Rain and People together.

Mission completed for the IRHA Senegal team!

After ten intensive days of data collection in Keur Maba Diakhou Bamunicipality (Kaolack region), it is time to handover to the APAF Senegal team for agroforestry nurseries monitoring, in the five beneficiary villages of #ofeathandrain project!

Huge thanks to Yancoba Sall Diene, advisor in agroforestry techniques of the area and Mr. Dramé, agroforestry farmer from Mandera, teacher at high school and very committed eco-citizen, for their formidable involvement in this mission, which was not an easy task!

We were kept busy, managing: the hygiene protocols imposed during the pandemic (distribution of 750 masks to the stakeholders interviewed); negotiating the high volumes of precipitation at the start of this rainy season; meeting nearly 300 potential project participants, identifying 80 with whom we would work, and geo-locating 30 agroforestry plots.

The Keur Maba Diakhou Ba municipality turns out to be full of potential, but with complex socio-economic and environmental issues to be engaged with in close collaboration local authorities, technical services providers and civil society.

catégories : senegal, programme1, programme2

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