Celebrating A Climate-Smart Rainwater Harvesting Initiative

by Rachel Nisbet | 28 May 2019
Image Celebrating A Climate-Smart Rainwater Harvesting Initiative

As pioneers in environmental communication, the NGO CICEANA has extensive experience of teaching sustainable agricultural practices within school communities. Our organisations came into contact when IRHA established a Blue School in Oaxaca. CICEANA saw great scope in rainwater harvesting as a technique for providing drinking water and improving community health. We are delighted that they subsequently initiated a project to create a Blue Community in Oaxaca’s Huautla de Jiménez region. To scale-up rainwater harvesting to the community level, this project involved the construction of a reservoir capable of storing 322 m3 of rainwater. This resource is filtered and distributed, via a network of pipes, to meet the water needs of local children attending the melchor Ocampo primary school and the Justo Sierra nursery school.

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