Strengthening the Rainwater Alliance

by Han Heijnen | 7 January 2019
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Brazil’s national rainwater harvesting association, the Associação Brasileira de Captação e Manejo de Água de Chuva (ABCMAC), held its eleventh conference in João Pessoa, Paraiba State this November. Delegates gathered to discuss the theme 'Rainwater: A Step toward Brazil’s Water Security and Resilience’.[1]

Presentations focused on the usage of rainwater in agriculture, in the home and within ecosystems, and the development of policies that can encourage rainwater harvesting practices. The issue of rainwater quality was frequently highlighted, with several research papers addressing this important topic. In his closing remarks, the main conference organiser, Prof. Tarciso Cabral da Silva of the Universidade Federal da Paraíba, synthesised the findings of the event, stating that rainwater it is mostly of a good enough quality for human consumption, when collected and stored well.

Han Heijnen, President of IRHA, presented the current state of water supply in Latin America, using JMP WHO-UNICEF JMP data. He underlined Brazil’s leading role in the field of rainwater harvesting, saying "Brazil is inspiring the world not only with football, but also with rainwater harvesting”. His comment points to the fact that one million rainwater systems have been installed in the dry zone of North West Brazil. He concluded that without the inclusion of rainwater harvesting resources within Sustainable Development Goal number six (Ensure Access to Water and Sanitation for All) universal access to safe water cannot be achieved by 2030.


catégories : programme5

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