A rainwater harvesting awareness workshop in Senegal is coming!

by Dunand Marion | 26 March 2024
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Image A rainwater harvesting awareness workshop in Senegal is coming!

In the context of our PartageÖ project, a knowledge-sharing initiative funded by the Geneva Federation of Cooperation, we are organizing a Rainwater Management Awareness Workshop in Djilor, Senegal, on April 15th and 16th.

This workshop is open to all partners of organizations affiliated with the FGC, particularly partners of the Food Sovereignty Platform (PSA), who are interested in issues related to water and rainwater management.

The main objective is to actively encourage participating NGOs to integrate the issue of rainwater and its management into their respective projects.

This workshop serves as a privileged space for knowledge sharing, creating an environment conducive to exchange and communication about implemented actions and challenges faced by participants. By promoting information sharing and open communication, this workshop aims to enhance the skills of participants while fostering a collaborative approach to addressing rainwater management challenges in Senegal.

We also invite you not to miss our coffee debate on May 23rd, either in person or via video conference, during which we will specifically discuss the integration of rainwater management in project design, primarily focusing on Swiss NGOs this time.

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catégories : senegal, suisse, programme5

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