Strengthening women's groups in agro-ecological practices

by Florian Bielser | 19 December 2023
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Image Strengthening women's groups in agro-ecological practices
As part of the Femme de Terre project, a reinforcement of 5 women's groups was organized by the field agent of APAF Sénégal (Association pour la Promotion des Arbres Fertilitaires, IRHA's partner in this project). Spread over two days, it took place in two market garden plots located around Keur Maba, in the Kaolack region of Senegal.

Over 40 women from 5 different groups took part in the training sessions, which were structured to maximize farmer-to-farmer exchanges. Both the APAF technician and the more experienced women shared their know-how acquired through other training courses or simply by experimenting with various techniques.

Training focused on nursery techniques (alveole), planting practices (transplanting, direct sowing, planting in stakes) and land management (cultivation beds). But also on biological phytosanitary treatments (manufacture, dosage and application) and potting soil production (using peanut shells and manure).

At the end of the two-day workshop, stimulated by the constructive exchanges and new knowledge acquired, the participating women decided to form a regional network to continue strengthening each other, pooling costs and increasing the diversity of their harvests by exchanging seeds and seedlings.
catégories : senegal, programme2

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