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by Sony Pun | 25 October 2023
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Adarsha Basic School

Adarsha Blue School is the 12 th Blue School Project implemented by Kanchan Nepal (KN) and International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) in Nepal. Blue School, a programme developed by IRHA in 2005, aims to improve the children’s health at school by access to water, sanitation, hygiene practices and resource management.

Located in Dahakhani, Ward No. 7 of Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality, Chitwan district, Adarsha Basic School is accessible by gravel road, 25 km away from Bhorle of Narayanghat-Mugling Highway in Nepal.

This project is expected reach out to a total of 152 school students including school staff and benefit more than 1000 people in the community.

Presentation on Blue School Project (Pic.2)

A short session was organized for the community members to know about Kanchan Nepal and its work as well as introduce Blue School Project to the community people.

The major activities carried out in Blue School Project were presented to these members:

- Construction of rainwater harvesting systems, sanitation and handwashing facilities for improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) - Maintaining school garden through poly-house construction, reforestation campaign and “A Child A Tree” initiatives

- Volley-ball court preparation for better health of students and peace-building among children through sports

- 3D map making for strengthening the knowledge of the project intervention area

- Local capacity building activities; Trainings on WASH, Peace and Tolerance, Off-seasonal vegetable farming, Waste Management, Ecological Sanitation, etc.

Meeting with community members of Dahakhani, Chitwan District (Pic.3)

PACT is a committee comprised of Parents, Authority, Children and Teacher. For Adarsha
Blue School, PACT committee was formed after the discussion with community members
including the School Management Committee. This committee has 7 members; School Principal as the Co-ordinator and other members (Two Parents, Officer from Health Post/Local Authority, Teacher, Male and Female Students).

An agreement was signed on 12 th October 2023 between Kanchan Nepal and PACT Committee for the implementation of Blue School Project.

Presentation on the Importance of Sanitation and Hygiene (Pic.4)

An hour session on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) was conducted for Adarsha Blue School students from secondary level. Around 37 students participated on this session where they were explained about the importance of Sanitation and Hygiene practices.

Also, the Total Sanitation concept was presented to the students and the hand-washing techniques was demonstrated in this session.

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