Rainwater practices around the globe

by Han Heijnen | 12 June 2023
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Image Rainwater practices around the globe

An interesting blog on rainwater practice around the globe was recently written by Prof. Mooyoung Han as a contribution to the Rainwater Harvesting and Management Specialist Group of the International Water Association. Prof. Han is the CEO of a Korean NGO "Rain for All". The NGO is an alliance member of IRHA. IRHA is in turn a "Rain for All" member while we also contribute to the IWA RWHM Specialist Group

" As we seek to develop water practices fit for the future, we can look for lessons in the wisdom of the ancients. Much can be learned, for example, from the ancient Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu, who aligns positive motivation with the vital and precious resource of water with the statement, Supreme good is like water. This philosophy has much to offer in informing how we can adapt our relationship with people and the natural world.

This philosophy of water is of less use in how we respond to the climate crisis. We need a philosophy of water management. Sources here include Hongik-Ingan philosophy – benefiting human life widely, which is the founding spirit and educational philosophy of Korea, and can be interpreted to mean also the relationship between humans and nature, and the present and future generations. Another source is the four principles of water management combined in 'Dong’, which is a letter representing a village. This covers: thinking first of water, a sense of community, leaving water in its original condition, and making full use of local rainwater."

Read the full article here

catégories : suisse, programme5

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