International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance

Alliance internationale pour la gestion de l'eau de pluie (IRHA)

Alianza internacional para la gestión del agua de lluvia (IRHA)

Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations - July 2010
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The IRHA’s aims


The IRHA was created in September 2002 at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, where rainwater harvesters from 5 continents expressed the need for a federative organisation in the form of an international alliance. Its goals should be to unify and grow the movement worldwide, to build on achievements in the field of RWH. Previously it was only promoted and disseminated amongst a limited group of scientists and engineers.  The IRHA hopes to work towards a strong worldwide network engaged in the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals. From its foundation, the IRHA has set out to bring together like-minded people and organisations with an interest in the development of Rainwater Harvesting.


The IRHA has worked to spread its network around the globe and it can now claim to be one of the most eminent organisations in the world of RWH. It seeks to support the future growth and direction of RWH by providing a forum for its members to work together for their mutual benefit.


As a representative and federalist body for those involved in RWH, the IRHA promotes the common interests of its members. For the IRHA, RWH is a component of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), a part of a poverty reduction strategy and a powerful tool for Climate Change adaptation in the water sector.


Categories of Membership


Honorary Members

Renowned personalities who understand, support or have contributed greatly to the promotion of RWH and related matters could be invited to be Honorary Members in the Alliance.


Institutional Members

Government bodies; authorities; UN agencies; government donor countries; international financial institutions; universities; and private and institutional donors.
Organisation Members

Regional RWH networks and national RWH associations; NGOs and CSOs; development or humanitarian relief agencies and organisations; other organisations supporting RWH; professional bodies working in the water and environment sector.

Private Sector Members

For private companies, industrial and commercial organisations or networks that work in the rainwater harvesting sector; including rainwater harvesting supplies and services.


Individual Members

For individuals working or interested in all aspects of rainwater harvesting, including researchers, students, professors.


Journalists for Rainwater Harvesting

Professional journalists who are passionate about rainwater harvesting, and who research, write and publish articles to help us raise awareness of this vital resource.


 For more information on Membership, including fees and the application process, see Become a Member.


IRHA Members around the world


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