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Let's b[RAIN]storm ...

Water scarcity word cloud

It will not be enough

 Our planet has limited resources and we consider that only 3% of the water resource can be used. The local and global water situation is becoming urgent.

Human activity generates pollution and damage ecosystems surrounding us which are life support infrastructure for clean, abundance and safe water as well as food oxygen and stable climate .Let’s shift the responsibility to personal, family, households, livelihoods, villagers that take collective actions

 The repartition of water on earth is unequal and depends on the climate of the countries Many regions are vulnerable to water scarcity :Africa, Middle East, Central-Asia, India are considered in hydrological stress

 Today Climate change exacerbates this change and water crisis seriously threatens several part of the planet. Crisis raise up because of the scarcity of the water

 There will be no development without water .....At IRHA we believe that Rainwater Harvesting is part of the solution and should be mainstreamed in developed countries as an opportunity for local communities to fight against water scarcity, water shortage and improving living conditions.

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