Raindrops Geneva Award 2015Securing food with RainwaterBlue School ProgramBlue Care

Raindrops Geneva Award 2015

Deadline February 22th 2016 to bring Rainwater into Art

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Securing food with Rainwater

[Rain]volution talk on: Rainwater for food security - Friday 20 November from / 10-12pm at the IEH 2 in Geneva

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Blue School Program

Improving the studying conditions, reducing the drop off rate, fighting against water borne diseases..


Blue Care

Supplying care centers with rainwater, helps improving living conditions for women


What we do

Rain Projects

Implementing rainwater harvesting projects in urban or rural areas for water consumption, groundwater recharge , infiltration or storm-water management

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Rain Awareness

Raising awareness, training the professionals and community on rainwater harvesting technologies, strengthening their resilience and capacity to cope with climate change.

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Rain Network

Building bridges between professionals, enhancing links and working as a Community of Practice, exchanging, learning and building knowledge on previous experiences and expertise.

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Rain Advocacy

Advocating and promoting rainwater as a sustainable solution for climate change adaptation, groundwater recharge, flood management and bringing the debate at policy development level.

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 You think that rainwater can be a solution for climate change adaptation…

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