Marc Sylvestre
Executive Director
Marc Sylvestre is an urban development professional, with 10+ years of field work experience. He is very familiar with project cycle management. He is currently enrolled in an MSc in water and Environmental Management at Loughborough University (WEDC).
Claire Galloni D'Istria
Program development Advisor
Claire is a passionate about sustainable development, and acquired relevant experiences in order to offer the best services to that cause, with international organisations, governments and non-profits in the areas of grant management, project management, M, E & L. and strategic planning.
Leny Mora
Programme Coordinator
Leny is tanlented professionnal graduated in project cycle management and international cooperation. He has developped through its field experience in-depth understanding of NGO challenges, in fundaising monitoring and capacity development


Han Heijnen
Han Heijnen is a senior Wash Expert who has been working in project management of large UNICEF, World Bank and Helvetas WASH investment programmes. He is currently the President of IRHA.
Bob Boulware
Vice president
Bob Boulware is an Mechanical, electrical Engineer with more than 30 years of experience. He helped writing the American National Standards (ANSI) for Rainwater and Storm-water use. He is currently the Vice-president of IRHA.
Clara Ariza
Clara Ariza holds an MSc in desert studies. Member of the SDC Climate and Environment Network, she had work experience in sustainable development, desertification and climate change adaptation projects. Clara ARIZA is currently the Secretary of IRHA.
Vessela Monta
Vessela Monta is a Civil Engineer. She is one of the founding members of the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA). Since 2002, Ms Monta is the IRHA Executive Director and the author and initiator of the “Blue Schools” programme.
Salvano Briceño
Mr Salvano Briceño has been for more than 10 years the Director of United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) based in Geneva. He has been elected as part of the Board of IRHA.


Nicolas Frizon de Lamotte
Networking & Private sector Adviser
Nicolas Frizon de Lamotte was previously working more than 8 years as Administrator of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). He is now part of the Advisory Group of IRHA.
Philippe Roch
Ecosystems & Networks Adviser
Philippe Roch was the previous Director of the Federal Office of the Environment of Switzerland and State Secretary for the Environment. He is currently part of the IRHA Advisory Board.
Anne Léonore Boffi
Water & Corporate Adviser
Anne Léonore Boffi has 10+ years’ experience working in international environments on communication, strategic partnerships and sustainability.