International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance

Alliance internationale pour la gestion de l'eau de pluie (IRHA)

Alianza internacional para la gestión del agua de lluvia (IRHA)

Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations - July 2010
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Honorary Members

Our Honorary Members are renowned personalities who understand, support or have contributed greatly to the promotion of rainwater harvesting and related matters.

The IRHA bestows this title to people who have given their knowledge and energy to elevate and reinforce the rainwater harvesting movement. No more than one person per year will be invited to become a Honorary Member.



Mayor_150 Mr. Yeom Tae-Young

Mr. Yeom Tae-Young is the 26th Mayor of Suwon City, Republic of Korea, Korea’s no. 1 local government with a population of 1.1 million.


When he was elected in June 2010, Mr. Yeom said: “[My] victory belongs to the 1.1 million citizens of Suwon and it is going to be the engine to transform Suwon into a city of ‘hope’ and ‘change.’” Today, Suwon City is a vibrant city, where change has taken place. In 2009, Suwon embarked on the “Rain City” project to improve the water management and prevent floods in the city by installing Rainwater Storage and Infiltration systems in buildings and forests. Mr. Yeom has taken this initiative to unprecedented levels: from involving citizens in harvesting their own rainwater for gardening with the installation of a Rain Box in their homes, to larger scale projects in the city’s sport-complex for instance.


Mr. Yeom Tae-Young is true to his words of committing to his people and making Suwon the “Environment Capital of the Republic of Korea” and a “Human City”.

Bindeshwar Pathak Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak is the founder of India’s Sulabh International Social Service Organisation and the Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement.


Action Sociologist, social reformer and international expert on low-cost sanitation, public conveniences, biogas from human excreta and rural development, Dr. Pathak has worked for the last four decades to improve sanitation in the poorest regions of India.


Dr. Pathak is the 2009 Stockholm Water Prize laureate.


Jean Ziegler Dr. Jean Ziegler

Sociologist, writer, head of the Emmaus community in Geneva, renowned politician in Switzerland, where he was born and has lived until now, senior professor at the University of Geneva and the Sorbonne in Paris, France.


Dr. Jean Ziegler has written several books on food and hunger in the world. He was the Special Reporter of the United Nations on the Rights to Food from 2000 till March 2008. In this role, he reported on the situation of hunger and malnutrition in many countries including Nigeria, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Brazil, Palestine and Guatemala, among others.


He is presently a member of the Consultative Committee of the United Nations Human Rights Commission.


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