International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance

Alliance internationale pour la gestion de l'eau de pluie (IRHA)

Alianza internacional para la gestión del agua de lluvia (IRHA)

Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations - July 2010
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Our bRAINstorming newsletter focuses on all activities concerning rainwater harvesting, the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) and our partners.


We cover a variety of topics; from Climate Change and Rainwater Harvesting to Agricultural Rainwater Harvesting, and from Urban Rainwater Harvesting to Drinking Rainwater.


You can contribute to the newsletter! Send us your articles, stories, pictures or ideas, and they could make it into an edition of bRAINstorming.

Press Articles

An important part of our work is to demonstrate and promote the uses and benefits of rainwater harvesting to the general public.


Press articles help get our message across to a wider audience, making them an extremely useful tool for awareness raising.


The articles are written by both members of the IRHA Secretariat and professional journalists, and range from from printed and online newspapers, magazines and newsletters.

Photo Gallery

Visit our Photo Gallery to see pictures of all our Blue Schools Projects, other IRHA activities and events, and examples of rainwater harvesting.




Video Corner

The IRHA Video Corner showcases interesting and informative short films on several different aspects of rainwater harvesting.


Our Video Corner is divided into four categories: Raindrops Geneva Award; IRHA activities; Journalists for RWH; and other Rainwater Harvesting related videos that come from numerous sources.


We hope you find these videos both entertaining and educational.


If you have a video that you would liked added to our Video Corner, then send us the link (YouTube only) and it could be put online!


Journalists for Rainwater Harvesting

The IRHA has created Journalists for Rainwater Harvesting as a platform to bring together the talents of journalists in order to raise the profile of rainwater harvesting. By reporting about rainwater harvesting in their local, regional or national area, journalists are perfectly placed for this important task.


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