15th-22nd Oct. Global Handwashing week into pratice

Celebrated annually on October 15, Global Handwashing Day was initiated by global Public Private Partnership for Hand Washing and is an opportunity to design, test, and replicate creative ways to encourage people to wash their hands with soap at critical times.

Global Handwashing Day is designed to:

  • Foster and support a global and local culture of handwashing with soap
  • Shine a spotlight on the state of handwashing around the world
  • Raise awareness about the benefits of handwashing with soap

In the frame of its Emergency Rain, The IRHA in collaboration with Guthi, supported 1 micro business in soap making in the Internally displaced Camp of Liwali. This activity had the objective to generate income for people in the camps, strengthening their capacities in the water and sanitation sector while tackling the pathways to diarrhoeal diseases.

Have a look at the micro businesses initiatives HERE

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