5th October – Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day: Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies

Post based on UNESCO statement

Every year on World Teachers’ Day, we celebrate educators and the central role they play in providing children everywhere with a quality education” Teachers are at the front line of societies to educate, transfer knowledge, practice with the children and diffuse sustainable change at the early stage. Teachers will be play a key role in the implementation of the new 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Education goal

The new global education goal, Sustainable Development Goal 4, which is at the heart of the Education 2030 Agenda, calls for inclusive and equitable quality education and the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all.This agenda can only be realised if society will “invest in recruiting, supporting, and empowering teachers”, they add. But around the world today, “far too many teachers are undervalued and disempowered”.

Quality teachers

Now, by committing to the Education 2030 agenda, the UN Member States agree to substantially increase the supply of qualified teachers. This will be done through various measures including international cooperation around teacher training in developing countries, especially the least developed countries and small island developing states. This is an important step and, now, “we must live up to these commitments”.Governments should “redouble efforts to engage in dialogue with teachers and their organisations”, and “intensify efforts to provide sufficiently qualified, well deployed, motivated and supported teachers to every school, every community, and every child”.

IRHA’s commitment

IRHA commits to empower the teachers within all its projects, provide them with high quality training and material in order to capacitate them to diffuse change.