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Our Business Directory is for companies that provide rainwater harvesting products and services; ranging from tanks to full rainwater harvesting systems. All the companies listed here are IRHA Private Sector Members and contribute regularly to our mission of increasing the use of rainwater harvesting around the world. You can contact them directly or visit their website for more information.

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ZI de Montplaisir 38781 Pont Eveque – France
Phone: + 33 (0)4 74 31 40 40
Manufacturer of bladders and flexible tanks for storage of all kinds of liquids, Labaronne Citaf offers a wide range of products for aid & relief purposes such as open tanks, bladder tanks, quick tanks, waste water tanks, decantation.


Jülicher Str. 336 , D-52070 Aachen – Germany
Phone: 0049 241 96 60 50
INTEWA GmbH stands for innovative ideas in the field of rain and grey water engineering. We aid in saving water and managing and controlling heavy rainfalls, and by doing so, we help protecting the environment worldwide. Our market-oriented products and systems have been setting the trends since 1993.

Water Harvesters

B-84 (Ground floor), Narain Vihar, New Delhi-110028 – India
Phone: 0091 98110 – 251400
Water Harvesters has rich experience of 11 years in the field of executing RWH projects. Workmanship quality, unending commitment, quality assurance and meeting deadline are the key attributes to their success.

Oasis Aquatic Gardens

228 Kenlock Drive, Lexington, KY 40517 – USA
Phone: (859) 455 – 6424
A service company which provides design, installation & management for the following: Rainfall Harvesting Systems; Ponds, Streams, & Waterfalls; Rain Gardens & Stormwater management; and Lawn Drainage & grey water reuse.

Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd

28-34 Reginald Street, Rocklea, Brisbane, QLD 4106 – Australia
Phone: +61 7 3248 9600
Rain Harvesting is a market leading company specialising in sustainable water products. Rain Harvesting design, manufacture and wholesale a range of high quality rainwater products for international markets.

Aqua-Aero WaterSystems BV

Oude Delft 128, Delft, Zuid-Holland, 2611 CG – The Netherlands
Phone: +31 15 212 9613
AAWS provides the unique RainCAP system. This is an innovative technique for large scale rainwater harvesting. It combines: rainwater harvesting, storage, purification (using UV technology powered by solar light), distribution and local entrepreneurship.

Design-Aire Engineering Inc.

Design-Aire Engineering, Inc.

220 North College Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-3702 – USA
Phone: +01 317 464 9090
Design-Aire Engineering, Inc. have provided international engineering for commercial and off grid Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical applications; and energy and resource systems management systems since 1983.


GEOS Ingénieurs Conseils SA

1 Route de l’Aéroport, 1215 Geneva – Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 309 30 60
GEOS was created in 1976 as a subsidiary of INGEROP, one of first independent group of engineers in France. GEOS is an engineering consultancy specialised in civil and structural engineering, geotechnics, hydraulics and environment.