Raising awareness on the uses and benefits of rainwater harvesting

Raising awareness on the benefits of rainwater harvesting


World Water Day 2014

This year, to kick off the celebrations around World Water Day 2014, IRHA held the opening night of its Raindrops Geneva Award 2014. This exhibition was simultaneously held in Kathmandu, Nepal. with the help of Kanchan Nepal. This highly successful and colourful event was reinforced by articles on the topic published by our Journalists for RWH around the world! Visit the Photo Gallery…

IRHA at the 7èmes Rencontres Alpines

On 17th December, the ‘Chateau des Rubins’ in Sallanches, home to the Centre de la Nature Montagnarde opened its doors to a “village of water”, which included a unique awareness raising activity led by IRHA: “Build your own Rainwater Collection Tank”. This activity was tailored specifically at children as it involved the world famous LEGOs and DUPLOs.

World Water Day 2013

On World Water Day the world focuses its attention on water and the issues surrounding this vital resource: this makes it an ideal opportunity for us to raise awareness of rainwater harvesting. 2013 was no different… This year’s activities included the organisation of rainwater harvesting presentations and drawing competitions in schools in India and Nepal, as well as the publication of rainwater harvesting articles around the world.

Rainwater harvesting lecture at ETH Zurich

On 5th December 2012, Vessela Monta, the IRHA Executive Director, was invited to Zurich, Switzerland, to lead a course on “Lessons in RWH”, as part of a Water Resources Seminar. This seminar, organised by the Hydrological Department of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, was tailored for students of the Master of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Water Resources.

Raindrops Geneva Award 2011 Exhibition

On Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st March 2012, SWISSAID Geneva organised a roundtable called “L’eau cotée en bourse” (Water, publicly traded?) at the University of Geneva. As part of this event, the IRHA was invited to display 30 of the best photographs from the Raindrops Geneva Award 2011. This exhibition helped to raise the awareness of the Geneva public and university students to the practice and benefits of rainwater harvesting. Visit the Photo Gallery…

CAS Integrated Water Resource Management

On Thursday 25th August 2011, Vessela Monta, our Executive Director, was invited to Biel to give a presentation to the students of the CAS on Integrated Water Resources Management. Vessela started by introducing the students to rainwater harvesting, including its historical development and future challenges. She also presented the IRHA “Blue Schools” programme as an example of an integrated method for development work in schools and surrounding communities. Hans Schreier, the moderator of the course, completed the rainwater management overview, presenting a case study of stormwater collection in Nepal.

Rainwater Harvesting Joint Statement

Three organisations – IRHA, ARCSA and IRCSA – decided to meet World Water Day 2011 with a Joint Statement, bringing the benefits of Rainwater Harvesting to the attention of many. Local, national and international NGOs, media, local and national authorities, universities and technical schools and companies involved in the correct management of this water resource, were all invited to become signatories and to publish the Statement as a press release in their country.

Green Film Festival 2011

Following the success of the Green Film Festival 2010, the IRHA was invited to submit another short film for the 2011 Festival. The IRHA produced a film showing a collection of rainwater harvesting videos, including the winning video of the Raindrops Geneva Award 2009 competition.

Run for Water 2010

On Sunday 18th April, the IRHA took part in the Live Earth Run for Water. On a beautiful morning in the commune of Vernier, almost 300 people turned up for a 6km walk/run along the banks of the river Rhône. The Run for Water aims to raise the awareness of the plight of many women and children who have to walk an average of 6km a day to get water for their families, and even then this water is often unsuitable for drinking.

Green Film Festival 2010

On 14th March 2010, the IRHA presented a short film at the 5th Green Film Festival in Geneva, Switzerland. The goal of the Green Film Festival is to discover high-quality films about the environment, sustainable development and North-South relationships. Organised by Les Films Verts association, its 5th edition took place fourteen towns in Swiss Romande, between 5th and 14th March, 2010.