Young Rainwater Harvesters

Raising  awareness of the youth on the importance of water conservation

It is essential to increase their knowledge on the water cycle and to the fact that it is not an unlimited resource that comes from taps. The more children know about water conservation, the more efficiently water will be managed in the future. The objective is to increase their understanding of the role that rainwater can play and how it can be used to preserve groundwater resources. This is achieved by showing them what can be done with rainwater and how difficulties are being met in other parts of the world.

To accomplish this mission, the IRHA organises meetings with Young Rainwater Harvesters: the first Geneva Rainwater Harvesting Meeting took place in 2009 with a French school from Clermont Ferrand and the second in 2010 with students from Eckerd College, a university in Florida, USA. The IRHA attends other conferences and events directed towards children and young adults, to further spread the word of rainwater harvesting. The IRHA also holds rainwater harvesting and Blue Schools awareness raising activities in schools in developing countries.

>Every School a Blue School

In 2013, our main World Water Day celebrations took place in schools in India and Nepal. Thanks to the hard work and support of three dedicated local partners, a presentation called “Every School a Blue School” about rainwater harvesting and a “Catch the Rain” art competition were held in 16 schools.

>5th Annual Global Youth Conference

On Wednesday 2nd May, Vessela Monta, our IRHA Executive Director, was invited to take part in the 5th Annual Global Youth Conference. Organised by the Earth Focus Foundation, the theme of this event was “A Global Revolution of Green Solutions”. Children and young adults from schools all around Europe attended this three day conference to learn about – and discuss – green solutions to many of the world’s most pressing challenges: water, forests, mountains, transportation, energy and agriculture.

>Young Rainwater Harvesters 2010

On 1st June, 2010, the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) met with students from Eckerd College, a university in Florida, USA. The students, all studying Political Studies, had come to Geneva to visit various NGOs and international organisations.

>Young Rainwater Harvesters 2009

The first Geneva Rainwater Harvesting Meeting was organized in April 2009 with an established contact with a class from ‘Marie Curie’, a professional school for hygiene and environment in Clermont Ferrant, France.