IRHA// Moving ahead in 2017

IRHA // International Rainwater Management Alliance

It is noteworthy that more and more people are concerned with rainwater. Ordinary people always were, collecting water from their roof or because rain showers could flood their homes. In our cities, we may connect to water supply, but elsewhere rainwater is surprisingly often used to increase water security for home and community. These days with climate change showing erratic rainfall and heavier downpours, people will have to organize themselves better and apply techniques to collect, store and use rainwater productively.

Since the last 15 years IRHA has been supporting the promotion of all aspects of rainwater management, for domestic use, for drought management, in policy and by empowering decision makers and project staff through information. Vessela Monta as Executive Director has contributed very substantially to IRHA’s output and reputation in this field. Now that she is retiring, the IRHA Board would like to thank her for her efforts over the years. Vessela is handing over to Marc Sylvestre, whom the Board has been appointing as Executive Director from 2017. We are confident that Marc and his team will bring a fresh spirit to our common interest and wish him all success.

We are happy that Vessela will still support IRHA as a member of the Board.

Those who have read the banner of this message will note that we are tweaking the name of IRHA a little. In our last board meeting in December 2016, we have concluded that our work in rainwater is much more a philosophy or a state of mind that emphasizes holistic management of the resource rain. I am sure you agree with our view. IRHA looks forward to working with all of you for another productive and inspiring year in managing rain.

Han Heijnen // President of IRHA