IRHA at Budapest Water Summit 2016 // Day 1 feedbacks

IRHA executive Director is taking part in the Budapest Water Summit 2016, 28-30 November 2016


The first day of the Civil forum went very well and Ms Vessela Monta found very interesting the presentation of :

  • Dimple Roy, from the IISD, showing their experience in the watershed governance and the looking of multi –faced opportunities in a project in Canada.
  • Laslo Pinter, Professor, from the Central European University, Hungary, has titled his presentation “Fast forwards and showed the links beteen “water futures” and SDGs ,;
  • Dianne D’Arras, Vice President of the International Water Association (IWA), made a very good analysis of the water situation now in the world.

Surprisingly, RWH took a  very little place in their presentation apart from the precious diagram of the different technologies and their efficiency. Therefore, rainwater for household use is presented as the most efficient. According to Ms. D’Arras, RWH is possible and suitable only for rural areas.

  • Sandor FULÖP, President, Environmental Management and Law Association, Hungary, presented a very interesting study titled: “Who mobiliize Stakeholders?”
  • Jean François Donzier, Executive Secretary of the International Office of Water, France spoke about the different difficulties which encounters the Water community engaged in watershed development today: lack of updated datas, better implementation of the integrated approach, and the need of transboudary policies which still is not working although the numerous international agreements and documents on this topic;
  • Viktory Mohos Naray, from Waterlex Switzerland, presented their work and the importance of the country mapping.