Worshop with Kids // Rainwater & the City (Geneva)- III

During the 3rd workshop, the kids had the chance to experiment the infiltration of water into different type of soil and better understand the impact of a drop of rainwater onto a surface. These experiements helped them to better understand the necessity to have more green areas in urban context that can absorp and infiltrate the rainwater while maintaining the soil instead of waterproof ones such as asphalt which increases run-off. Back in the workshop space, the kids completed a map and positionned the different elements identified during the urban walk past week.

IRHA developed the project “Rainwater & the City (Geneva)” in order to raise awareness among the children on better understanding their close environment, the urban services and how urban actors (local authorities, service providers, etc) are dealing with the services to the population. IRHA believes that better understanding its own environment make a differnece in order to see, criticise, question the environment in which we are living while becoming more aware of sustainable solutions.

This project “Rainwater & the City (Geneva)” is kindly supported by the City of Geneva.