C4SI Challenge “Thank you!”

Since the 23rd of September IRHA collaborates with a group of students engaged in the Just innovate competition  to design an appropriate solution to the Challenge: ” How can we engage various stakeholders in a common platform for water conservation?” ….

In many regions, deforestation, mismanagement of land and bad agricultural practices have supported intense soil erosion phenomena and flooding. The climage change will bring even more variability in the future and if scientists expect less rainfall, the episodes will be more intense. Extreme climate events such as storms, hurricanes might increase (IPCC, 2014) exposing futhermore the poorest to vulnerability.

Unfortunately our solution has not been chosen by the jury but IRHA wanted to thank all the team :Shira Babow, Vanessa Barrows, Hind Chammas, Charles Gousset and their mentor Rowan Palmer. Thank you to the organizers of this event and specially Mme Mansi Kabra et Mme Sara Pentikainen with whom we were in contact.

See you next year!