To accompany children to become enlightened citizens, to make them aware of their environment so that they become agents of change by being able to implement concrete and sustainable solutions in their city or neighborhood.

For who?

Private School and Public School, any institution offering extracurricular activities.
The workshops are carried out by age group and are accessible to all children from 5 to 16 years old. Since 2016, several schools of the canton of Geneva, propose to their pupils the workshops the water and the city.

In collaboration with GIAP teams and supported by the City of Geneva / Services of schools and institutions for children, the project is a great success. The goal is to get children to become enlightened citizens; become aware of their environment; and be able to implement concrete and sustainable solutions in their city.

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Les ateliers

Workshop 1: The Water Cycle and the City

This workshop aims to explain to children the cycle of water. This is the first introduction of the theme of rainwater to children. Children learn in groups to define their environment.


Workshop 2 & 3: Urban Walks and 3D model

The urban walk around the school, which allows schoolchildren to identify neighborhood characteristics, shapes, volumes, as well as various urban developments. The realization of a model allows an awareness and thus accompany the first steps to become citizen citizens awake.

Workshop 4: Mini rainwater collector

At the last workshop, the children make a mini rainwater collector at a house. A perspective of the 4 workshops allows the children to better understand and perceive the water and city interactions.


In the rain ink

The idea is based on the simple principle of placing on the sidewalks painted poems that appear only in case of rain in 8 key locations of the city Geneva.

We gave an appointment on these sites when it rained, or in good weather, equipped with a bottle of water to make appear and to share the poems discovered.

We would especially like to thank the AmStramGram Theater for offering us the poems presented and our partners in the Agenda 21 - Sustainable City of Geneva and Loterie Romande for their financial support.

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They talk about it

"We built a model and placed all the elements on the map: trees, houses, buildings" (Zoé)

"I was surprised to see that the children were still counting the number of public lighting after the workshop" (Nicole - GIAP Accompanist). This workshop allowed the children to open their eyes, to accompany them in the discovery of their immediate environment, to give them keys of reading and to sensitize them to become city-citizen. "

"A wonderful initiative taking place in Geneva: 8 Poems Gold Poetry Founded in Different Areas of Geneva that appear when the pavement gets wet (by rainwater or water poured on it). Raining Poetry, with all its implications - Geneva Families Diaries

"Wooww! Nooo! very cool! but how does it work? (passers-by in the street) ». Many of you have testified to your enthusiasm for this project ...

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