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If you want to get help communities access to safe water, there are different ways you can help!


Participate in our campaigns

Participate in our campaigns, "Rainwater for women" and be part of the change.

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Organize a fundraising event

You are as convinced as we are! Contact us and arrange your own fundraiser to support IRHA's activities.

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Do you have time and talent? Join us! We are currently looking for a volunteers.

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Be a Rain Ambassador

If you work with rainwater harvesting:

-in the field, within a local authority, as an activists, or in rainwater management

-or if rainwater has had an improved your daily life, either as a drinking water resource or in your agricultural practice, please share your story!

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Ba a Friend of IRHA

Becoming a 'Friend of the IRHA' is a way of supporting our association and our actions.

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Get a Rain Tee-shirt

We are launching a line of T-shirts 'that make sense'!

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Partnership with private sector

Our private sector partners support us in our projects and the communication of our actions.

Aquapro SA, Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG), Industrial Services of the Holy Land and Surroundings (SITSE), Industrial Services of Bagnes (SIB). IRHA is a member of the Alaya platform which provides volunteer skills.

We are looking for private sector partners to join us in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and access to universal water.

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Our financial partners

Thanks to their financial contribution, we are able to implement the projects and ensure the good functioning of the IRHA (Geneva). Thank you!
Local / Regional Governments: City of Geneva (DGVS), Canton of Geneva (SSI), Solidarit'eau, Commune of Meyrin, Plan les Ouates, Puplinge, Cologny, Grand Saconnex, Industrial Services.
Foundations: Gertrude Hirzel Foundation, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Princess Charlene Foundation.

We are looking for partners for project financing in DRC, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Ghana.

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Our institutional partners

Working in partnership and seeking synergies is the essence of an alliance. The IRHA collaborates closely with the following institutions:

SDG Lab, World Meteorological Organization (WMO), UN ECOSOC, UN-Water, Swiss Water Partnership (SWP), Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium (SWSC), Aguasan CoP and local authorities in our countries of intervention.

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Our projects

The Blue Schools

This program aims to educate schoolchildren to the management of water, sanitation and good hygiene practices, but also the recovery of waste to make blue schools, incubators of social change "

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Construction of rainwater harvesting systems in Bhaktapur, to provide safe access todrinking water in 2 schools and 6 camps for displaced families after the 2015 earthquake.

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The Rain, the soil and the people

Climate change requires us to rethink our management methods and practices. This project aims to build community resilience by combining better management of water resources, trees and soil.

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" Unserved "

The "Unserved" project aims to provide access to clean water and restore dignity for those who have nothing, the forgotten from water services, who live on the outskirts of our cities and have to fight every day to access even water for drinking.


Workshops: Water and the City

The objective of this workshop is to bring school children to become aware of their environment, and to be able to implement durable, sustainable solutions in their city.

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In the rain ink

The aim of this "In the rain ink" project is to transform the representations of rainwater seen as a nuisance, poetically using the urban environment in which we live.

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