Nursery at the service of the Rain Communities

by Blandine Barthod | 8 March 2021

Image Nursery at the service of the Rain Communities

In support of the "Rain Communities" project, a nursery is being built in Pokhara region to support reforestation and anti-erosion activities. Native plants with high economic value have been selected in partnership with FECOFUN (Federation of Community Foresty Users Nepal) to promote the infiltration of rainwater and to ensure better soil maintenance.

  • 20210203_nursery_preparation_1
  • 20210203_nursery_preparation_2
  • 20210203_nursery_preparation_4
  • 20210207_nursery_preparation_3
  • 20210222_plantation
  • 20210225_nursery_at_progress_2
  • 20210225_nursery_at_progress_5
  • 20210307_germination
  • 20210307_germination_2

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