For participatory and inclusive territorial planning: results of the assessment (Fatick, Senagal)

by Marine Protte-Rieg | 16 October 2020

Image For participatory and inclusive territorial planning: results of the assessment (Fatick, Senagal)

The observation, identification and participatory analysis of the natural ressources degradation dynamics are at the heart of the ecosystem approach and nature-based solutions, supported by IRHA as part of its interventions and advocacy.

In the “Rain, Forest and People” project area (Fatick department, Senegal), IRHA and APAF Senegal have carried out, in close collaboration with local actors, a retrospective and multi-scale territorial diagnosis on the historical and anthropogenic causes of the natural resources degradation.

On the basis of this study and the recommendations that emerged from it, participatory and inclusive territorial planning will be carried out, in order to collectively define the action plan that will make possible the reverse of the slippery slope on which the communities have committed themselves, after decades of unsuitable practices and mostly unsuccessful attempts to adapt.

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  • Marine Protte-Rieg, Ndoff, 03/2020 – Restitution des résultats du diagnostic territorial dans le village de Ndoff (commune de Loul Sessène), participant au projet "la pluie, la forêt et les Hommes".
  • Marine Protte-Rieg, Djilasse, 03/2020 – Remise des cartes thématiques, produites dans le cadre du diagnostic territorial, au secrétaire municipale de la commune de Djilasse.

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