Raindrops Geneva Award

The “Raindrops Geneva Award”: Promoting  Rainwater Harvesting and Raising awareness among public

Participants from all over the world send in their entries, and after a vote by the jury, three prizes are given. The first competition, organised in 2007, awarded the poster that best illustrated the positive aspects of Rainwater Harvesting, and the second one, held in 2009, the best short film. The last competition, in 2011, was for photographs that showed the benefits and practical uses of rainwater harvesting.

Raindrops Geneva Award 2013 is now closed. The three posters that best show the uses and benefits of rainwater harvesting will soon be announced. Good luck!


64. Rainwater use for life

Raindrops Geneva Award 2013

“The Best Poster on the Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting”

The winning poster is

 “Rainwater Use for Life”

by Kateryna Korniienko-Heidtman


Raindrops Geneva Award 2011

The Best Photographs on the Advantages of the Use of Rainwater”

This competition was held in collaboration with Photojournale.

The winning photograph was

“Fighting Salinity with Rainwater”

by Kazi Arifur Rahman

Raindrops Geneva Award 2009

“Short films that demonstrate the advantages of catching and using rainwater”

The winning film was “Right Under Our Nose” by Roger El Santos

Raindrops Geneva Award 2007

“Posters that best illustrate the positive aspect of Rainwater Harvesting”

The first Raindrops Geneva Award

The winning poster was “Rain is Free”

by Rafi Münz