Worshop with Kids // Rainwater & the City (Geneva)- IV

During the 4th workshop, we questioned with the kids the role of urban services (water, sewerage, solid waste, etc), identified the different actors in the city (mayors, citizens, service providers, associations, etc.) while looking at the map and neighborhood. We then pull together tubes and gutter and design a mini rainwater harvesting systems with rooftop catchment.

IRHA developed the project “Rainwater & the City (Geneva)” in order to raise awareness among the children on better understanding their close environment, the urban services and how urban actors (local authorities, service providers, etc) are dealing with the services to the population. IRHA believes that better understanding its own environment make a differnece in order to see, criticise, question the environment in which we are living while becoming more aware of sustainable solutions.

This was the 4th and last workshop and IRHA wanted to thank warmly: City of Geneva, GIAPHornbach, and of course the children Océane, Jérémie, Maria-clara, Thais, Zoé, Francisca, Shadia, Marilou, Oscar, etc…

This 4th workshop “Rainwater & the City (Geneva)” was kindly supported by the City of Geneva and Hornbach.